The League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust’s property/casualty and workers’ compensation programs are designed to operate through a licensed insurance agent. The selection of the agent is entirely at the member’s discretion.

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Scope of services

Insurance agents provide a variety of services to Trust members, including things like:

  • Advising and assisting members in assembling and accurately reporting underwriting data for rating purposes.
  • Advising and assisting members in evaluating and selecting among coverage alternatives such as deductibles, limits, and optional coverages.
  • Assisting members in submitting claims and interpreting coverages.
  • Assisting members in identifying risk exposures and developing appropriate strategies to address those exposures.

The member and agent work together to determine the scope of services that will be provided, as well as the fee or commission amount for those services.


The Trust emphasizes coverage inclusion, and continually develops new coverages to respond to members’ ever-changing needs. It uses its own coverage documents for property, liability, auto, and workers’ compensation. Check out these coverage guides for more information. The Trust also encourages agents to review recent coverage and rate changes, and the most recent dividend amount returned to members.

If you have any ideas to enhance the Trust’s coverages, we’d like to hear from you. Contact Underwriting Manager Liam Biever at

Renew coverages and view loss reports

Agents and members use the LMCIT Member Center to do the following:

  • Renew coverage agreements.
  • Make mid-term scheduling changes for autos, property, and mobile equipment.
  • View and export property/casualty and workers’ compensation claims information.
  • View and export property/casualty and workers’ compensation loss runs.
  • Compare property/casualty losses to cities of similar size.
  • Submit claims.

Agent Insider e-newsletter

How the Trust structures its coverages and programs can be very different from a traditional insurance carrier. That’s because everything it does is specifically designed for Minnesota cities and other related entities.

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